Testimonials/ Work Samples

“HFE is a unique & proven resource for Applied Ergonomics, Design and Health/Safety Solutions”

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to meet and achieve your project wants, needs, and goals! Below are a few testimonials from satisfied HFE customers.

Vibetech Global, Jeff Leismer Testimonial, Jeffrey Leismer, J Leismer, Vibetech work sample, Vibetech jobVibtech Global/ Jeff Leismer, PhD.:

As the founder and Chief technology Officer for a medical rehabilitation equipment company, I strive to ensure that my company’s equipment is safe, accessible and easy to use. I entrusted Terry Grall, PhD to review conceptual designs and make recommendations on how to improve upon what my team had put together. We successfully implemented Terry’s recommendations and now have a commercial product that is highly enjoyed by patients and their caregivers. I would recommend Terry to anybody looking for a highly experienced and knowledgeable human factors engineer to consult with on their product design and usability projects.”

Concept Works, Adam Schneider, Adam Schneider Testimonial, Concept Work Job, Concepts Works Inc

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Concept Works Inc. / Adam Schneider, President:

Terry provided solid ergonomic insight as we began to design a hand held device for use in the dairy farm industry. Findings from his on-sight study emphasized the need to accommodate user ergonomics– in addition to design function. Our design became more robust as result of Terry’s ergonomic findings.




Brokerage Plus, Jeff Ray, Jeffrey Ray, Jeff Ray CPA, CPA, Jeff Ray TestimonialBrokerage Plus LLC/ Jeffrey J. Ray, CPA

I have worked with Terry for over 8 years and have found his expertise and experience to be of great value. Terry’s diverse knowledge allows him to successfully create and innovate, whether an existing product line or a conceptual line.”




Patina Solutions, Jim Maslowski Testimonial, James Maslowski, PatinaPatina Solutions/ Jim Maslowski, Director of Client Solutions:

Dr. Grall’s work for us on the HATCO PROJECT was very beneficial to our client and in particular their sales/engineering departments. His evaluation of their current practices concerning existing R&D processes and ways of making improvements in them, so that efficiency of time and more predictable new products marketing success can be achieved.”


Tony Bonney, Toni Bonney work sample, Toni Bonney testimonial, Toni Bonney work, T Bonney stairs

Toni Bonney/ Legal Advisor-Guardian:

Having had the opportunity to work with Dr.Grall over the years in connection with litigation matters, I chose to engage him in connection with a matter involving a serious injury due to a fall near the bottom of a stairway. The stairs and effect in the rise were unfamiliar to my client. The insurance denied coverage stating my client was familiar with the defect and therefore it could not have caused the accident. Dr.Grall, using his experience with stairs and falls, was able to analyze the human factors elements at issue and explain how the defect in the rise of the stair was the cause of the accident. Dr. Grall’s expertise was unique and instructive on the cause of the accident!”

Dale Miller Testimonial, Daie Miller, D Miller, Illuminator Tape Sample, Illuminator Tape, Illuminated TapeDale Miller/ Licensed Contractor:

“We really like the use of HFE’s Illuminator Tape™ marking products. The feedback that I have received from my customers is that “it is very helpful, especially in bad weather and when it is dark outside.” Elderly folk have noticed the improvement and appreciate that we think of them. The use on our outside drive-thru pillars is working like it is supposed to and has thus far eliminated the past problem of reoccurring damage.”