Why Should You Hire a Qualified Consultant

What Consultants Do

Consultants solve problems. They are experts in their fields at analyzing problems and developing solutions that satisfy management objectives. They are also frequently asked to implement these solutions.

Consultants are project oriented. They can focus their attention fully on the project at hand because they are free of the time consuming daily operating responsibilities that occupy management. Their problem solving productivity is therefore very high.

Consultants concentrate on results. They focus their work according their client’s objectives. The degree to which these objectives are achieved is an important measure of the consultant’s contribution.

When to Use a Consultant

There are many circumstances in which consultants may represent the most cost effective solution to your human resource needs. You should consider using them when you need:

  • Specialized Expertise~ Consultants contribute specialized expertise and experience to projects when these resources are not available within your firm.
  • One-time and overload assistance. Consider using consultants for peak-period or unique projects. They can help equalize the workload on your permanent employees.
  • Impartial Analysis~ Consultants can make valuable contributions on problems, products, and plans when an objective viewpoint is needed. Because they are independent business people in their own right, they know the value of good judgment and unbiased opinion.
  • Innovation~ Consultants can be very effective as catalysts for innovation and change when fresh thinking is needed on a project or in a department.

What does it Cost

Consulting services are paid for when, and only when, you actually use them. You are paying for fully productive work, not for periods in between or for employee benefits that normally accompany permanent employment.

Although their rates generally exceed the salaries of permanent employees, the total cost of using consultants on a project will often be lower than the real cost of using permanent employees. Consultants require little management supervision or administrative paperwork. Moreover, you can often lower the cost of using consultants by carefully defining your project and by creating an efficient working environment.


How to Save Money by Using a Qualified Consultant: PATCA (Professional and Technical Consultants Association). For more information, contact PATCA here.