Services & Intro


We are a unique interdisciplinary-based consulting business with 35+ years of experience in Industrial/ Environmental design related problem solving. Our added expertise in ergonomics/human factors engineering sciences can help new and existing businesses make critical decisions concerning the improvement of health, safety, efficiency, comfort, and liability issues so that maximum user compatibility, manufacturability, marketability, and commercialization are obtainable. We believe our wealth of experience, results-based performance record, and our design credentials are what set us apart from other human factors engineering consultants.

Our Human Factors Specialist:

Knowledgeable professional with the proven skills, and experience, to systematically analyze how and what physical things in the overall environment (including tools, tasks, user(s) abilities, etc.) need to be changed in order to maximize performance outcomes.

Our Experts:

  • New and existing product (machine or tool) R&D (research and development)
  • Assist in patentability invention process, evaluation of concepts potential for user compatibility, success, and/or failure.
  • Create work place/ office interiors, furnishings & equipment that maximize human performance and health (e.g. Sit Stand Office TM)
  • Rehab/Adaptive equipment and/or Assistive Technology evaluations and design
  • Home Health Care aids and information services to improve independence and safety in the home (e.g. Falls Prevention)
  • Life Care Planning Assistance in regards to non-medical needs in home and workplace
  • Special Ed furnishings, equipment & visual orientation/mobility egress-accessibility
  • Vocational /Rehabilitation workplace accommodations
  • Process management and improvement studies, with focus on safety and efficiency
  • Accident or injury causation studies, especially related to seniors & rehab aids
  • Commercialization Partner on Grant Projects and Searches

At HFE Advisors LLC, our overall focus is to:

  1. Systematically finding out how to make equipment or a product best meet the physiologic, psychological, behavioral needs, limits and capacities of the intended user(s) and those assisting.
  2. Breakdown or analyse the man-made environments variable conditions; influence on task(s) or job performance.
  3. Determine we can best change the above in order to improve the user’s health, safety, efficiency, comfort, and overall satisfaction in terms of advantages over past conditions/options.

HFE Advisors LLC / Listed with Top Experts in:

  • Accident Causation
  • Anthropometry
  • Assistive Technology
  • Biomechanics
  • Consumer Ergonomics
  • Cumulative Trauma Disorders
  • DME / Rehab Equipment
  • Environmental Design
  • Ergonomics
  • Falls Prevention
  • Grants Commercialization
  • Home Healthcare Safety
  • Human- Factors Engineering
  • Industrial Design
  • Inventors Assistance
  • Life Care Planning
  • Office Ergonomics –Sit & Stand ™
  • Product Safety
  • Quality Engineering
  • Research & Development
  • Senior Proofing Our Homes ™
  • Therapy Equipment
  • Universal Design
  • User Compatibility-Interface
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Workplace Health Safety Engineering

(NAICS codes: 54-1712, 54-1420, 54-1690, 54-1490, 64-4120)